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June 25, 1965- January 24, 2002



Skier remembered as a caring man
By Troy Hooper/Aspen Daily News Staff Writer

Thomas H. Yeakle Jr., who died skiing Thursday at Aspen Highlands, is remembered as a kindhearted man who took satisfaction in his job selling pharmaceuticals to cancer patients.

"He was the top salesman for the Chiron Corporation (a biotechnology company) and he really enjoyed working with people with cystic fibrosis," his father Tom Yeakle Sr. said in an interview from his home in Pennsylvania. "Most people don't live very long with cystic fibrosis. They usually don't make it past their 20s. But they'd have fairs and things like that, and very often on a weekend Tom would be going to Amarillo or San Antonio for one of their get-togethers."

The 36-year-old salesman from Dallas, Texas, died Thursday night after he took a violent tumble on Bob's Glade run, a double-black diamond on the lower slopes of Aspen Highlands. Unconscious and in full cardiac arrest, ski patrollers rushed him to a waiting ambulance, where he was taken to Aspen Valley Hospital.

He died seven hours later as a result of "a severe spinal injury resulting in cardiac failure secondary to brain death," hospital officials reported.

Yeakle is the fourth person to have been killed in a skiing-related accident at a Colorado resort this season, and the second in two days.

Yeakle Sr. said his son was on a business trip and managed to get a few days off to ski in Aspen. His son was skiing with a friend, but the friend elected to take an easier run down the mountain and was to meet Yeakle at the bottom of the chairlift.

Yeakle Sr. said his son was an advanced skier.

"He enjoyed life. He enjoyed doing outdoor things: skiing, water skiing, mountain biking, jogging, working out at the health club -- and tennis, he particularly enjoyed playing tennis with his mother," he said.

"He always had a pet. He had dogs and every once in a while a stray cat would wander by and he'd take care of one for a while," his father said.

"He was just a great kid. But I guess you're asking the wrong person. I'm slightly biased."

A published report that Yeakle hit a snow-covered rock that triggered the crash is not confirmed, Aspen Skiing Co. spokesman Jeff Hanle said. Pitkin County Sheriff's Deputy Mario Strobl said the investigation has been turned over to the coroner. The coroner could not be reached for comment Friday.

Yeakle is survived by his father; mother, Dianne; brother, Douglas; and sister, Cynthia Maguire, all from Pennsylvania.


A Tribute to Tom
I knew Tom in College and wanted to share some of my pictures and brief thoughts. It helps people see a part of Tom's life they may not know all too well.


Tom was the guy with the eternal smile. Those big choppers would light up the room. Tom is pictured here when he was 12, I mean 22.

Here, Tom is demonstrating to me the method of applying anti-persperent. The arm up and stroke method.



Mike, Tom, Kevin, Max, Bart, Greg (Pictured)

Here is graduation at U of R 1987. Tom was the only one to get a full diploma. Mike first from the left, got a piece of one. I was wondering where all those guys got those neat lids.


Grad Dress

Russ, Bart, Max, Greg, Tom, Kevin, Mike (Pictured)

Here is another picture of the college gang. That's wierd Tom is the only one relaxed with a tan. Why is everone else so uptight?




Paul, Tom, (Pictured)

Here is Tom with his Paul his buddy from Dallas off to another adventure.



Catherine, Kevin, Max, Tom, Sarah (Pictured)

Homecoming at Richmond. Good times and bubbly was had by all!

Tom, Catherine, Susan (Pictured)

Sticky Eggs and Stale Muffins Anyone?

See Ya Tom!
I love you buddy!

My son was watching me type this and asked if I was calling heaven to talk to Tom? I said, I wish I could but I am sure Tom is smiling down on all of us from above.

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