Empowering Individuals, Businesses and Non Profits through Sales, Support and Service. r history

Empowering Individuals, Businesses and Non Profits through Sales, Support and Service.

Max provides sales, support and service to individuals and businesses leveraging the knowledge and experience of the owner, Max Hernandez. The company leverages marketing and management knowledge with technology to jump start small businesses and non profits.

This minority owned company provides these services in the Baltimore area.

Sales include the brokering of a wide range of products spanning everything from cars to custom construction supplies. Service and Support focuses on Management, Marketing and Technology consulting.

Max Hernandez received his MBA from Loyola University where he began his consulting work with small businesses. He has created several companies and has personally prosecuted several patents and trademarks in his name. His work experience includes international sales, banking, utilities and construction.

One of the core principles in consulting is creating change in organizations. Change is essential for businesses to survive. Small businesses for the most part tend to be more open to change. John Case, in reviewing Tom Peters book Thriving on Chaos, wrote “It I hard to convince anyone to do anything differently from the way they did it yesterday or the day before...People may see no reason to try changing things. If the company’s in trouble, they’ll be too busy plugging holes...If business is good why should they bother.” Many small businesses have great potential and may just need some creative solutions to fuel their growth. As Linus said to Charlie Brown, "There is no heavier burden than a great potential."

Non-Profit work is provided strictly on a Pro-Bono basis.

Finally, the basis of my education instills a strong core value belief. I believe business without integrity is criminal. The bottom line is the individual is accountable and hopefully for the most part is led by internal morals. Once this individual becomes part of a larger organization the accountability, the motivation and the morality seem to wane. Large companies and government are testaments to my theory. All new net job creation is started by companies that are less than five years old. Small business still account for the growth in jobs since they are closer to the individual and in my belief more accountable.



"Max Hernandez has helped us with many different facets of my foundation. He is one of the most generous men I know."

Mary Anne Kane Breschi, Maggies Light Foundation


"Every small business and non-profit needs a Max Hernandez to realize its potential."

Clinton Kelly -President, Baltimore Tennis Patrons



A Partial Client List includes:

Gale Force Windsurfing Gloves,

US Windsurfing Association,

The Pefect Lie, Golf Mat,

Fashions Unlimited,

Dominican Shoe Company,

CAM Construction,

CAM Management,

Swygerts' Landing,

Boys Hope Girls Hope of Baltimore,

Associated Builders and Contractors of Maryland,

Baltimore Washington Beer Works,

Barleycroft Kennel,

How Nor LLP,

Mark Hall, LLC,

Medical Offices of Dr. John Emmett,

Medical Offices of Dr. Margery Hernandez,

Medical Offices of Dr. Jose Hernandez,

St. Joseph Professional Building Corporation,

Maggies Light,

Baltimore Tennis Patrons,

NYC Barefoot Run,

Law Offices of Charles A. Gilman, L.L.C.,

The Accounting Offices of Weinberg Griffith Tucker & Jones

Artesanos Don Bosco



You can contact Max Hernandez by email by clicking on this link.